“Full English Breakast” by Frank Padgett

I woke up very eager and excited to seize the day. There was an entirely new city ahead of m to explore and find the tiny knick nacks and corner that make a city special. But how can I do this without eating what we’ve all been raised to understand is the most important meal of the day? I cannot! I readied myself and hustled to the dining area to eat breakfast.

They carried a variety of foods, such as beans, hashbrowns, pastries, sausages, ham, tomato with basil, and cereal. Not the usual American style buffet breakfast of waffles, omelets, and pancakes. I ended up eating beans and hashbrowns because I do not eat pork. As I took my first bites of food, my taste buds exploded with flavor. Deliciousness was on my plate.

There was also one unfamiliar food served: Wheatabix. I witnessed another student try it. It was a package that was similar to the shape of a Ramen Noodle pack, but had two large blocks of cereal inside. I believe that trying the cereal would have forced me to come out of my cultural boundaries and experience something completely new but I decided to experience that through Alex’s eyes. Overall, breakfast was great.


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