“Cooking” by Alex Brown


The youth hostel in Bath was equipped with a self-catering kitchen. For the first made two unique and delicious meals so far: spaghetti with meatballs and tacos. It’s been fun running around the grocery store and deciding what to make for dinner, then working together to cook it. At home, my mother does most of the cooking and I do not have much experience in the kitchen. It turns out there is a lot more that goes into making a meal than I thought.

Our entire group shopped together and decided what we wanted to eat both nights. Working together to cook has made the group dynamics on this trip overwhelmingly positive and everyone is getting along really well- we work more like a family than as individuals.

Learning to cook has given me a greater appreciation for the work that goes into preparing a meal. It has also been a very liberating experience. I feel like now I would have a much easier time preparing my own food than I would have had before the trip. I look forward to another week of meals.


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