“Hills” by Maija Kittleson-Wilker


“What is life?” Bailey asked, to no one in particular.

I answered rather simply: “A warm cup of tea.”

We were sitting around the hostel dinner table after 16 hours of trains, planes, wind, parks, and hills. It was the hills in particular that brought on his philosophical quandry.

As it turns out, our hostel in Bath is near the top of a very big hill. Most of us climbed it twice; Frank, Myles, and Bailey tackled it a third time to find a warm cup of tea. So far, Bath’s hilliness and our tiredness have not stopped us from exploring its cobbled streets and tucked-away shops.

This past afternoon we visited 3 bookstores, a cheese shop, a rugby store, a music store, the local library (by accident) and rounded it all off with a trip to the grocery store to buy spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. It was while we were cooking our delicious dinner that we realised that tea would be nice. So Bailey, Frank, and Myles were sent down the hill (and up again) to get some proper Earl Grey. However, having purchased Twinings Earl Grey and not Twinings Classic Earl Grey, we were prompted with a brief talk on the history of Earl Grey tea.

And with our freshly brewed tea, and ice cream, of course, we finally ended our long day.


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