“Food, Glorious Food” by Grace Tilghman

“Food, Glorious Food”
by: Grace Tilghman

The team in a restaurant in Mumbai. Their first foray into Indian cuisine.

The team in a restaurant in Mumbai. Their first foray into Indian cuisine.

India has been great so far! The culture is nothing like I had expected.

As we quickly found out, India is a very simplistic and laid back country. One thing that I found interesting was that on our first full day in Mumbai, we went out for dinner to a nearby restaurant close to our hotel. When we ordered our food, we noticed that the food took longer to be cooked and prepared than in America. Mr. Ghazi explained to the group that in India, it is different than American because they cook their food, not just prepare it. When on analyzes American restaurants it is quickly understood that food comes pre-prepared and then once it reaches the kitchen, it is un-frozen and served to the customer without the waiting time. We found ourselves waiting for our food to be actually cooked, as opposed to prepared.

Once the food arrived, our group began eating and it was evident that the “Indian” food in America could not possibly compare to the real thing. My friend Sheina and I ordered black lentils (makhani dal) and buttered naan, a type of flat bread. A lot of the food that was served was able to be eaten with one’s hands or using the bread. The was interesting because in America, it is considered rude or ill mannered to eat with your hands. The side dishes that were served with our main meals were extremely different. Many of the dishes were mild to very spicy and this took adjusting to for most of our group members. Overall my first real Indian food experience was extremely satisfying and I can’t wait to try other new foods.


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