For the past two days I have been attending Monkwearmouth school in Sunderland, England. At school, I attended classes such as French, maths, science, ICT, tutor, religious, and music.

This experience has been amazing! I love the school. It is so different from ¬†America. The classes are much shorter, there is only maths and science (not biology, chemistry, physics, or geometry, algebra 2, or calculus), there is a break time after about 3 classes (which we definitely don’t get), there is a tutor class (which I have never heard of), and there are Peer Leaders (who help mentor younger students at school).

Everyone is really friendly, and for this reason I feel like I’ve known everyone for so long! I really like the teaching structure, because it seems more relaxed, but easier to comprehend to get more out of the learning experience. I had a really great time, and if there was some way, I would like to go to school again.


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