For the past two days I have been attending Monkwearmouth school in Sunderland, England. At school, I attended classes such as French, maths, science, ICT, tutor, religious, and music.

This experience has been amazing! I love the school. It is so different from  America. The classes are much shorter, there is only maths and science (not biology, chemistry, physics, or geometry, algebra 2, or calculus), there is a break time after about 3 classes (which we definitely don’t get), there is a tutor class (which I have never heard of), and there are Peer Leaders (who help mentor younger students at school).

Everyone is really friendly, and for this reason I feel like I’ve known everyone for so long! I really like the teaching structure, because it seems more relaxed, but easier to comprehend to get more out of the learning experience. I had a really great time, and if there was some way, I would like to go to school again.


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