“Pre-travel England”

This is my first time going to London, England. I am really excited because they speak English, and it will be my first time to an English speaking country. I have been to France, Italy, and Barcelona.

I don’t like airports or planes. Although I am not scared of flying, I am scared of airports.

I may want to live in England for a time in the future, in a row house or an apartment. I am looking forward to seeing the architecture, since it is an old city. I also can’t wait to take loads of pictures. My dad has been to London so I can’t wait to experience what he has.

I am looking forward to the food a lot and not. I am a very picky eater, so I love when I find a food that I like. I want to have picnics and walk along old streets. I can’t wait to meet new people and make friends. I am interested in going to Buckingham Palace and the three quarter station from Harry Potter. I want to shop but keeping a strict budget. I want to look at shirts, skirts and pants (no jeans). I also want to get unique trinkets that I can pass down in my heirloom and check out where Jack the Ripper committed murders. Also where Sweeney Todd made meat pies. Some of the books I read took place in London so I want to go to those places and have pictures taken.

To sum it up, I am super excited, since it is my first time traveling with a group of friends!


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