“Pre-England Expectations”

Although this is my second trip abroad, I still have the same excitement from my first trip. My first trip abroad was to Germany last year, and it was a life changing experience. I was able to interact with a whole new culture and get new people who spoke a different language. It was fascinating to find out that although we live in different parts of the world, we still held the same interests.

This is the same experience that I’m expecting to have when I go England. And although we do speak the same language, i still expect to have just as much of a liberating experience if not more. I’ll have the opportunity to not only get the English experience but also try new foods and make possible life time friends. And although fish and chips may not be very different from American Fish and Fries, I’m still excited to try it.

When I took my trip to Germany I had the opportunity to do a home stay with a very nice family. Me and my host sister actually got along pretty well, although I did build a better connection with her classmates. I actually still speak with some of them today, and am looking forward to visiting them in Germany again. So far having talked to my host sister I can already tell that we’ll get along pretty well. I hope I can get a (although it sounds cliche) a real English teen experience.

Now when it comes to London, the thing I’m most excited for is shopping. One of the first I looked for when I signed up for the trip wasn’t landmarks or cool historical sights, but the best clothing stores in London. Since I extremely over packed my bags last trip, I plan on under packing so I have just enough room to put all my new stuff in. But I’m not completely uncultured, I am excited to go to Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and the Harry Potter spots of course.

Overall, I’m pretty excited about visiting England and am even more excited to have my English friends come back with us. After this trip, I’ll probably go on 2 or 3 more for the rest my high school career (India, Brazil, and possibly S.Korea). So to end my post I just wanna thanks to my host family, Mr.Ghazi, and my family for giving me the chance to have this experience.

See you soon!


2 responses to ““Pre-England Expectations”

  1. Great write up Shani! I get excited just thinking about how much you’ve learned and the new friends you’ve made. These experiences will carry you thru life. Whenever you have the opportunity to go somewhere different….GO! Love you.

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