“Ashley’s England Expectations”

I cannot wait until I get to England! I am so excited!

I love the fact that I will be spending time with students my own age. This will make the experience all the more enjoyable, because we get to experience the trip with people on our maturity level, not that we are not mature, it’s just that being with someone my age is more comfortable.

After speaking to my  home-stay Abigail, I learned a lot about her as a person and what she liked to do. So far, I’ve learned that the culture here is much different from the culture of England. She likes different music than I do and likes to do different things such as she likes to rock climb and eat! Although I like to eat as well, I’ve never been rock climbing.It would be an amazing experience if she could take me rock climbing. She also likes to play the drums, video games, she plays the piano and is starting to teach herself guitar and loves to bake! She also enjoys listening to Paramore, Pendulum, Knife Party, Avenged Sevenfold, Red hot Chili Peppers, etc. I have only heard of Paramore which only justifies my point on the difference in culture.

I can’t wait to go to England because unfortunately I’ve never been to Europe before! I’ve been to Trinidad, Jamaica, Canada, and Mexico, but Europe will be brand new for me.

The college visits excite me, probably because if I attend college in England I would be a year ahead of everyone else.

This is so exciting I’m even counting down the days- Watch out England! Here I come!


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