“England Expectations”

England has always been a very fascinating country to me. I’ve always wondered about the differences between American and English culture.

When I go to England this March, I am looking forward to seeing typical England culture first hand, and seeing  popular tourist attractions like the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. I am also looking forward to visit different shops around London and Sunderland, to see the different items offered in the UK. I am also very interested in the influence that other European countries have on English society. The idea that multiple countries that have a large impact on the world affairs are all featured in the same area, is a very intriguing idea to me.

The idea of an exchange program is also a very cool idea to me. Learning about England from a similar point of view is going to be a very interesting experience. The girls that we are visiting in England seem to be very nice and welcoming. The part of England that we are going to seems to be a huge place to learn not just about English culture but also American culture. This is because the family of  George Washington, the first American president, is from just outside Sunderland. This tie to American culture, and Washington, DC in general, gives us even more personal perspective on English culture. The fact that so much American culture is rooted in this part of England, adds to the interesting factor of this city. This city seems to have a lot of important history that and makes me want to learn more not just about Sunderland but also about England.


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