Meeting New People

In India, I have been meeting a lot of people. For the most part, everyone that we have met has been friendly and excited to meet us. People often have approached me and wanted to shake hands. Although at home people are friendly and will say hello every so often, here we are constantly bombarded with introductions, both from members of our ever changing group and from people on the street or in buildings or in markets that we visit.

I love meeting new people an have been making lots of friends in India. Yesterday, we visited the Qutub Minar with four students from the Srijan School. Today we attended the school and then went to an outdoor market with four other students from the same school. All of the students have been very nice and spoke impeccable English. We all became good friends and are looking forward to keeping in touch with them online.

Even though we are meeting lots of people, we do not always totally understand each other. In my opinion, english spoken with a strong hindi accent is practically a different language. two days ago on our first day out adventuring we went to the mosque at the end of chandni chowk. We were with a school and when we were at the mosque we got to listen to an imam speak about the basis of islam and common misconceptions about it. As we were putting our shoes back on outside the Mosque I got talking to one of the guards. I am fairly certain our conversation was in english. I was speaking english, but I still am still not 100% sure what language he was speaking. This did not stop us from have a nice conversation but I would have liked to know what he was saying.


One response to “Meeting New People

  1. Alex,
    I love your posting, and that you are having such a good time. I think you arrive home today, so hope to talk with you soon. love, grandma

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