“Leo’s India Trip Recap #5-10”

Well, due to some regrettable circumstances regarding the fact that I actually had not registered for this blog, I have not posted yet, however, I digress. My Recap of the top 10 things we did this trip is as follows:

10. A Visit to the “Monkey” Temple

The Monkey Temple, actually a temple to the Hindu god of the sun, sat on a high hill overlooking the city of Jaipur. It is aptly named, there are monkeys (and pigs and cows and goats and dogs) everywhere on the hill. The first thing you notice is how cute all the baby monkeys are, the second, how fiercely the adult monkeys defend their young. I was the victim of a pincer attack, while I was “investigating” a group of baby monkeys, a big one hopped up and hissed at me from the front, while another grabbed my pants from the rear. Which is the reason this trip is number 10.

9. Risk

Between the train ride to Gaya and the three days spent in Bodhgaya, Alex, Max, Sasha, Maya, Xavier and I spent hours forming alliances, conquering continents, and backstabbing each other, the latter being Alex’s speciality. Alex and I can safely say that we are kings of the world when it comes to conquering it on Max’s iPad.

8. Alex and People

Alex will talk to just about anybody on the street, and was the biggest hit among our group while at the school. His stories of interacting with the traffic while in Delhi kept everybody entertained. Everywhere we go he makes friends, and we just have to remind ourselves that it’s not abduction if he goes willingly.

7. Akshardam Temple

This “temple” was more of a “religious Disneyland” as Mr. Ghazi so aptly calls it. Sure there was the temple, and sure there were the religious ceremony, but the biggest draw it seems is the musical fountain show, with jets of colored water soaring 50 feet in the air, and the Indian Cultural Boat Tour, in which the Indians just happened to invent everything, years before the commonly accepted creator did. However, when one travels to this complex, the animatronic tour of the life of the Swaminarayan, or the movie detailing his spiritual teachings.

6. Discussions of American Politics at Dili Haat

On one of the first days we were in Delhi, the school very generously took us to an Indian handicrafts bazaar called Dili Haat. After shopping, we ate dinner with some students and a teacher, Max, Mr. Ghazi, Xavier and I engaged in heated discussions about American politics, much to the amusement of our Indian friends.

5. The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal in Agra was a great thing  to see, if just to say that you had seen it, however it was not presented well. The interior was very lackluster in the fact that it was just a dim, humid, hot room, where you got to walk around a latticework fence that almost completely obscures the tomb of the man who built it, Shah Jahan, and his wife. The outside views are quite spectacular, if you can get past the dirty pools of water and the insane entrance price (INR 750, the second most expensive thing I bought on this trip)

Top 5 tomorrow!


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