“Trains in India”

Trains in India are different than trains in the States. To get on the train you must first purchase tickets. To purchase tickets you must have an Indian mobile number— our first obstacle. You see, in order to purchase tickets, one must type in their Indian mobile number and receive a confirmation via text.

Because that was something we didn’t have, a guy from the hotel bought our tickets for us. Unfortunately, our twelve-toed friend failed to mention to us that we only had seven definite seats. The other three seats were on a waiting list, which generally means that those three seats will be anywhere on the train. However, the train company decided that should mean we would all be in a berth meant for 6. Ghazi had a little conversation with the conductor and with a little bribing we were not thrown off the train.

Alex, while we were sorting out the seats, had made some friends. One of them was a middle-aged businessman who proved very useful to us. He was able to find 2 seats in which Ms. Morris and Mr. Evans could sleep.  The rest of us remained in our compartment, which was 2 triple bunk beds facing each other. When we eventually decided to go to bed, we were a bit squished. Clara and Sasha shared a berth and Alex didn’t sleep until quite late because he was trying to create a makeshift bed until  one was found for him.

Despite our extremely close proximity to each other most of us kids would agree that while it was not extremely enjoyable it was certainly a learning experience.


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