“Meet the Students”

Since the beginning of the trip, I decided that I would try everything and once I arrived at the Srijan School, I knew I wanted to make as many friends as possible and immerse my self in the school. So, during the day, I made a point to ask everybody their name and try to get to know people, made easy by the fact that everyone approached us eagerly.

After the day was over, we met up with a small group of students who wanted to show us around. Going to the market and navigating the overpriced merchandise with the Srijan students was very enjoyable. First there was Vasso, a Green Day fan who wants to become a U.S marine. Sawmia, a tenth grade girl, was unrecognizable outside of her school uniform. Shivani, whose name I could not remember until she explained that it meant Shiva’s wife. And finally, the fourth student whose name I still can’t remember but was was memorable as a very friendly and amiable teen.

The students and I had conversations about the differences between U.S and India. For example, they explained that having a relationship in their school was strictly prohibited, and if the teachers caught wind of a couple, they would be banned from socializing with each other. They also showed me the music they liked during the card rides. I returned the favor by introducing them to my tastes such as Go-Go.

We were together the next day too, which allowed us to talk more casualy after getting to know each other. Shortly after we parted, at the end of the second day, I got so many requests on Facebook  reminding me even more how much similar they are although they live in a completely different country. It was a great experience.


One response to ““Meet the Students”

  1. This is so great Xavi! I am so excited for you and keeping up with everyone’s posts. As for “trying everything while you’re there”…I told myself the same thing when I went to France (of course, I was in college, not high school)–and it opened my world! Great decision. Keep sending updates. – Caty

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