“The Paparazzi”

We are celebrities in India!

Apparently, white people are like things to be stared at, to be posed with, and to not be ignored. For example, at the Red Fort, Ghazi was working tirelessly, along with members of the tour group Itihaas, to prevent people from taking pictures of us and getting a bit too close.

Touts, as Ghazi calls them, are no good hoodlums who want to sell our pictures in some marketing scheme, either on the Internet or in a pamphlet. But, to be fair, most of the people who took our pictures or came close were genuinely curious to see such a large group of white teenagers. Alex seemed very content and very comfortable with this, taking as many pictures with them as possible, a true sign that they were many were not looking for a marketing scheme, but an opportunity to tell their friends, “Look, I know an American.”

Although it would be humorous to look online and see Alex surrounded by a sea of plaid shirts, popped collars, and dark skinny jeans. But all in all, most of us didn’t mind the pictures— we’re just celebrities in India.


2 responses to ““The Paparazzi”

  1. Soon you’ll become good luck talismans and people will want you to rub the heads of their babies, and then you’ll know that you’ve reached the status of demi-gods.

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