“The Map to Somewhere”

The American educational system is supposed to be bad. As it turns out, the education of the staff of Haldiram’s restaurant in Chandni Chowk is far, far worse— at least in geography.

The wall of the third floor of Haldiram’s is covered with a simple marketing trick: a map of locations of Haldiram’s restaurants around the world. They have locations in Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, and New Mexico. Not the state, the country. Either Mexico recently changed their name to New Mexico or New Mexico is now located south of the Rio Grande. Boston, for instance, is placed more or less where Halifax, Canada is.

These mistakes were soon found to be only a single instance of a much larger problem. For instance, did you know that Oklahoma and New Jersey are cities? And Virginia seems to make up a good portion of the Midwest?

As far as I can tell, though Americans may have difficulty navigating names of countries, the staff at this restaurant has never even seen a geography textbook.


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